Let´s start painting !

Join the colorful journey! One of the characteristics I like the most about watercolor paint is it’s transparency. That is the real beauty of painting with them, seeing the layers of colors through each individual wash.

On this step by step tutorial I will show how to take advantage of this technique to create a beautiful negative space painting texture using watercolors and ink, is a great way to get a hang of how to use your paints. 

Have you ever seen a negative watercolor painting?

The basic idea is to paint a darker background around the lighter objects. The visual effect is to define various objects from close to distant, gradually revealing their shapes and creating more depth and dimension with each layer of color.

What you´ll need:

· A soft fine-tipped round watercolor paintbrush (size depends on the size of your painting). · Watercolor paper 300gms (experiment with different brands).

· For this painting I will be using different shades of green.

Step 1

Make an outline drawing of different kind and size of

cactus (smaller ones on the bottom). You don’t have to

draw every detail, as some of them can be added

later in a painting process

Tip: Tape the paper to a larger piece of cardboard, this

prevents the paper from buckling when it gets wet.

Step 2

Wet the paper with clear water and randomly drop in the layer of color. Let it flow on the paper — don’t overwork the surface with a brush. Ignore the pencil lines at this stage, but try to avoid the frontmost shapes. Let the paper dry completely.

Tip: Use a blow dryer on low setting to speed up the process.

Step 3

Now that your paper is dry, work around the cactus and stems in the foreground, mixing your green colors in different combinations for the variety. Don’t go too dark yet. Paint hard edges against the shapes, and then soften the color as you move away from them. Let this thoroughly dry.

Step 4

Continue adding depth to your painting by applying new layers of paint. With each additional layer, avoid more cactus, thus revealing more shapes on the background. Once again, dry thoroughly.

Step 5

On this step paint the darkest darks and work on the remaining details. As you can see, the cactus at the bottom of the paper has barely any color at all. It’s the dark background layers that create the shaping and depth in the artwork.

Step 6

Adding details and patterns to the cactus, once the layer of watercolor has dried, start to draw patterns on some of the elements with white ink and darker green color.


If want to learn about this technique (and a lot more), I have online art classes one to one or groups. It doesnt matter wher in the world you are we can arrange something. CONTACT ME!!

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