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Cecilia López, AKA Ceci Loel. Mexican painter, Art Teacher and Designer based in London, UK.


With the help of different mediums she creates colorful and B&W paintings. Her process it's kind of art therapy, sometimes feelling monochromatic and other times full of colour. She loves to play with the characteristics of portraiture along cultural aspects and botanical pattterns to express or to convey stories.


Her artworks are a little reminders for all the powerful souls out there, to make them feel the imperfect and natural happiness.


Also as an Artist Educator she develops drawing-based teaching programmes and projects in schools, outreach organisations and gallery spaces.

Take a look at her latest work, upcoming events or just look around for inspiration.

If there is an idea for collaborations you have in mind or just to say HELLO, please send an email to it would be lovely to hear from you 

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